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Of Pixels and Acrylics

I came of age before the personal computer was common.. I learned to draw and paint using ink, charcoal, pencils, watercolors, acrylics and pastels. But in the 1980s, as a young graphic designer and photographer, I incorporated a Macintosh computer into my studio practice and was an early adopter of the PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator […]

More Than Meets the Eye

I have not lived in Owosso for more than forty years now, but on the morning of October 9, 2012, I came for a visit. While here I walked around the old neighborhood I’d grown up in, looking for subjects to photograph. As I approached the corner of Park and Comstock streets I saw beneath […]

The Enlightened Window

A little after 2:00 p.m., on 15 December 2005, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I photographed the front window of Evangelo’s Cocktail Bar. It displayed a melange of images taped and painted on the pane, including: a partial events calendar, a cash only sign, an ice blue and yellow hand-painted welcome star or flower, a […]

Beyond the Image

It was a moist grey San Francisco morning and the Sentinel Building, also known as the Columbus Tower, beckoned. The light was perfect and I had to make a photograph of this Victorian, green, copper clad flat-iron structure, with its red awning surrounding the Cafe Zoetrope on the ground level. I sought a vantage point […]

Line is Fundamental and It Doesn’t Exist

Line is fundamental in the visual arts. It is a principle element in design. Yet there is no line in nature. It is an epiphenomenon like the shadow—something perceived as being but which is actually the byproduct of something else. The simplest definition of a line is a mark that stretches between two points and […]

Art That Matters

It is not for me to decide the value of my art except in regard to my personal standards of art and art making. I will know what I think of the work—whether or not it satisfies me. But I cannot perceive what other people perceive. I do not see with their eyes. I cannot […]

Photos In A Suitcase

Not long ago I read French author Patrick Modiano’s novella, After Image. It tells the story of a photographer in Paris who wanted to disappear. He kept his photos, in no particular order, in three suitcases, as he moved about constantly, disappearing for long periods of time—a mystery to all who knew him and perhaps himself. Was he […]