I photograph what I do not wish to paint and I paint what I cannot photograph. Man Ray

As a painter:
I agree with the British artist Howard Hodgkin, who said of his nonrepresentational paintings that, “They are representational pictures of emotional situations.” So are mine.

It has been observed that every painter at root is either a figurative or landscape painter. My affinity is with the landscape. And even though my paintings are nonrepresentational they often suggest topography.

As a photographer:
I am a mix of the explorer, journalist, social scientist, poet, story teller, painter, trickster and historian. The camera is my window, excuse, shield, door, weapon, notebook and canvas.

I believe every good photograph points beyond itself. Its subject is rarely that which is pictured. It is the autumn leaf that tells the story of life and death. It is the torn work glove ground into the gravel outside the boarded up factory. It is the ancient petroglyph on a rock in southern New Mexico that bore witness to the atomic flash from Trinity site.

Michael Maurer Smith
MA Studio Art, Michigan State University

Artist Resume_2018 1a, p&ph